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The complete life-changing strategy

One component of the LSOM vision is to provide real support to students via an interdisciplinary approach and online platform providing access to funding of viable graduate projects on completion of initial courses.

We provide the necessary assistance for our students to negotiate with financial institutions in raising capital and providing loans by setting up appropriate collateral or guarantees to best ensure a loan. This is the epitome of effective, friendly and professional collaboration.

And this direct guidance and mentoring process is at the heart of LSOM’s philosophy in getting students where they want to be in life.

LSOM makes no promises; instead it states its commitment to guide participants through the process from student to graduate to acquire the skills needed to ambitiously apply the principles embodied in its courses.

Students are empowered to secure finance for the next step – fulfilling the dream, literally.

You can’t go back and make a new beginning, but you can start now and create a new ending.

Your project is our business

Because LSOM is in partnership with appropriate financial institutions worldwide, it will realistically and practically help fund students to go on and complete projects, build businesses, employ people, make a humanitarian contribution and create change globally, however small.

Along the way, full consulting is provided to choose leading-edge ideas, then develop and combine them with the right funding, from the right source, at the right time. Given that funding of up to 10 million GBP is obtainable, the perseverance, teamwork, guidance and long hours all needed are more than worth it.

From the LSOM playbook

With its professional affiliations, specifically Harvard Kennedy School, Oxford University, The London Academy of Trading and École Polytechnique de Paris, LSOM provides the link between plans and reality.

LSOM confidently sets out to offer all participants a comprehensive method for making money, becoming wealthy and translating solid business plans into a future fortune.

This head-in-clouds, feet-on-track strategy is part of a perfect recipe that LSOM approves and executes to bring a new generation of freshly minted entrepreneurs to levels of involvement and attention wherever they are in making a difference to a planet in need.

Build it once, build it properly and it will pay you for a lifetime

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