Frequently asked questions(FAQ)



All courses relate to understanding, earning and managing money to build business.

Experts from finance, law, banking and investing.

There are diploma course to choose from.

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All courses are taught online via our interactive teaching platform.

Yes, you can.

International students are accepted.

No particular school, college or university qualifications are needed.

Each course listed starts at the beginning of each month.

There are 12 intakes per year.

The diploma course is 10 months – 6 months’ teaching and 4 months for financing completion.

This depends on course scheduling.

Contact us for details.

Currently all teaching is in English.

Yes. Business plan design takes place during the course.

Students of Diploma complete training are fully supported in acquiring a loan of up to 10 millions GB Pound Sterling to finance their project / business ideas once they complete their 6 month course. LSOM will provide Top Bank Guarantees or collaterals including Premium insurance to cover the loan according to student business plan. This is an integral step in the overall LSOM process. LSOM will provide 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE for all Diploma student. LSOM

Build it once, build it properly and it will pay you for a lifetime.

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